New AAG Forum at The Wargames Website!

If you're an AAG fan, you know that we've had absolutely no luck with keeping a forum up for the last year. The old forum imploded, we replaced it with a new, supposedly bullet-proof forum which we still contrived to blow up. Things were looking pretty grim!

Fortunately for us, Mike at The Wargames Website (TWW) came to our rescue. He offered to host an AAG forum on TWW, set it up for us, and had it open within minutes. Thanks to Mike and TWW, we now have a new forum home for Ambush Alley Games!

So if you've got rules questions, AARs or scenarios to share, figures or terrain to show off, or just want to chat with fellow AAG fans, please join us at the new forum! You can find it at the link below:

I look forward to seeing you all there!