Thanks for Your Patience and Support

As some of you know, my father passed away recently after a battle with cancer. The illness came on suddenly and took us all by surprise. We only had a few months to spend with him until he quietly slipped away one evening with my mother, brother, and me at his side. 

If you've been through something like this, and I know that many of you have, you'll know how draining it can be. While Dad was alive we were all focused on what we could do to make him better, or, failing that, feel better. We felt the clock ticking and wanted to spend as much time with him as possible, but we also didn't want to hover over him. He didn't like that and it felt too much like a death watch - which of course, it was. Then, when Dad passed, Robby, Peggy and I had to be there for Mom. There were arrangements to be made, memorials to schedule, out-of-state family to welcome and host. When that whirlwind was over, we were all spent. Worse, with all the frantic activity at an end, there was plenty quiet time to realize the extent of our loss.

It's taken some time to recover from that. I've lost friends and family before, but I've never lost my Dad. He was my hero, and still is. He taught me to be who I am and he must have done a pretty good job, because I'm pretty happy in my own skin - although I could probably do with a little less of it. I miss him every day, but I smile when I think of him. He was a good man with a good heart and a ready smile. He proved every day that you can be a tough, strong man without being a jerk about it. I hope I'm half the example to my boys that he was to me.

Obviously all this had an impact on Ambush Alley Games. We've been pretty much absent for the last quarter or more. The good news is that the light is bright at the end of the tunnel. We're picking up our dice, rulers, and toy soldiers and marching steadfastly back into the tiny, tabletop fray. Work has resumed on our Ambush Alley 2 project and we have a couple of other irons in the fire as well. We're also looking into what it will take to release new, post-Osprey editions of Force on Force and Tomorrow's War so folks can get their hands on hard copies of those rules again without paying a premium on E-Bay or what-have-you.

And yes, we're definitely looking at a replacement forum. ;)

Thanks for all your support and understanding over the last several months! Your kindness and good will has been greatly appreciated by all of us here at AAG. We're proud that such great people have taken interest in our little games!

All the best,