Force on Force Quick Start Rules

Photo by Piers Brand

Photo by Piers Brand

The Force on Force Quick Start rules provide a glimpse at the basic mechanisms behind Force on Force, Tomorrow's War, and Ambush Z. If you're curious about what's under the hood at AAG, here's your chance to find out!

You can download the FoF Quickstart Rules HERE.

Force on Force Motorpool


This free, downloadable PDF is made available to assist Force on Force players in developing their own unit organizations and scenarios. We will keep this spreadsheet updated to include vehicles from our Companion Books and other supporting publications. We’ll also add vehicles that are requested or sent to us via our forum.

You can download Motorpool HERE.

Force on Force Scenario Primer

This Force on Force Primer contains a selection of scenarios designed to be played with appropriate forces in any period. Our goal is to give players a set of useful generic games that can be played with their existing figure collections.

The Force on Force Primer was written by our friend, Piers Brand.

You can download it HERE.

SNOOPIN' & POOPIN' - Campaign Rules for Ambush Valley

Back by popular request! This download contains the original campaign rules from 1st Edition Ambush Valley.  These rules were written for 1st Ed. Force on Force, so may require some tinkering for use with 2nd Edition Ambush Valley and Force on Force. 

You can dowload these rules HERE.

WWII Rules from 1st Edition Force on Force

First Edition Force on Force included rules for WWII era combat. These rules were removed for the Osprey Edition of the game. At customer request, we've created a compilation of these rules for players who don't own a copy of the 1st Edition rules. Bear in mind that these rules haven't been modified or updated for integration into the Osprey Edition of the rules, but you should be able to use them with very little adaption.

You can download the WWII rules from 1st Edition Force on Force HERE.

Solo/Co-op Rules from Original Ambush Alley

Our original Ambush Alley rules included solo/co-op rules for games involving Regular troops vs. Irregular/Insurgent fighters. These haven't been updated to integrate with the Osprey Edition of Force on Force, but with a little adaption you'll find they're still quite workable.

You can download the old solo/co-op rules HERE.

Force on Force Errata

This is an older Errata file. We hope to update it soon!

You can download the Errata file HERE.